The Only Patented Skin Protectant Fabric on the Market 

Clinically Proven to Firm, Revitalize & Hydrate Your Skin

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Micro-massaging Helps to reduce swelling 

Therapeutic Graduated Compression 

Great for Travel Helps to sooth tired achy legs and feet Easy to put on 

Relieves symptoms to varicose veins

Now Available in Compression and Diabetic EXTRA!
Clinically Proven to 

Firm Revitalize & Hydrate Skin

The Only Skin Protectant 

Hydrating Diabetic Socks!

Skineez Wearable Skincare - A Medical Breakthrough In Relief!

The Secret Behind Skineez®
There is no other product in the market that is FDA approved, provides hydrating health benefits, delivers true gradient compression while delivering healthy protection. 

Skineez® Skin-Reparative® products are infused with shea butter, apricot kernel oil, rose hip oil, retinol and vitamin E. These ingredients help maintain softness and hydration throughout the day. As consumers wear Skineez®, (wearable skincare), the micro capsules embedded in each garment break open naturally and slowly deliver the cosmetic ingredients to the skin.

Skineez is the Only FDA Approved Hydrating Compression Sock Available on the Market!

Skineez® Features & Benefits
Increases Circulation 

Firms, revitalizes, and hydrates. Micro-Massaging increases circulation and energizes tired legs.

Hydrates Skin

Repairs and Prevents cracking and scaling. Moisture wicking fibers keeps feet dry and healthy.

Alleviates Pain

Relief for foot arch, heel, ankle and nerve pain. Non-binding extra-wide top for comfort and ease.

Natural Ingredients

Wearing Skineez breaks open the spheres and infuses the skin with cosmetic nutrients. In just 1 hour, users said their feet and legs felt softer, more energized and their tired, aching legs were relieved.


Skineez soft, supple patented fabric glides on your foot and immediately increases circulation PLUS delivers skin hydration and energizing revitalization.

Dr Recommended

“Although there are a number of medical-grade compression socks on the market, only Skineez contains the patented microcapsules that improve hydration in the skin. It’s that hydration that differentiates Skineez from other compression socks.” 

– Dr. David Jacofsky

Chairman & CEO, The CORE Institute

In Just One Hour, 80% of People Saw Softer, Firmer Skin*

Hear Why People Are Loving Skineez®
"So excited to have found SKINEEZ!"

"I suffer from extremely dry skin and circulatory problems in my legs due to diabetes. All of the SKIN-EEZ products that I’ve tried have helped moisturize my skin and the compression socks have helped with the circulation in my legs. I love SKIN-EEZ products and highly recommend giving them a try!!!"

"I forget I'm wearing them"

“I started wearing the garments thinking it was going to be a chore, but honestly, they are so comfortable that I forget that I am even wearing one. I definitely plan on continuing to wear the SKINEEZ compression to maintain and improve the smoothness of my skin!"

"It's like MAGIC"

"Being pregnant with my second baby, I find it uncomfortable just wearing any kind of pants. But these Skineez are so incredibly comfortable, soft and it feels amazing on my skin. It's like MAGIC!!! Thank you Skineez for making my life better!"

Designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon and

Recommended by Plastic Surgeons & Dermatologists!

A $40 VALUE! Yours For Only $19.99



+   Compression Socks ($24.99 Value)

+   Compression Spray ($20 Value)

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